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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What, Why, Who knows?The illusion of the modern world.

What happens to all the fine monies the government collects from its citizens and banks and businesses when they "err"? How did they get this right to collect money in this way?

How did society get into the situation of being taxed in every way possible, when at the beginning of last century there was only one tax - income tax? Why do we simply accept taxes as being an acceptable and necessary action against its citizens by governments?

What difference is our situation now from the Feudal system where Kings fed off their serfs? We get things from our government - and in the UK -  we get things that we haven't paid for with our taxes. Our taxes have been blown! Everything we get is produced on borrowed money.

Is there something wrong with us, that we demand our Government to provide us with more than our taxes cover? Since the one tax - income tax - was not enough obviously, for all the things we expect a Government to provide, we now have taxes on everything imaginable.

I wonder what you got for your one-income-tax-tax? Not the National Health Service, that's for sure.

We are such a society of "wanters", I wonder what our future will be like under a bankrupt Government? Pretty interesting I think.

The solution? Who knows? It's certainly not the people at the top that know.

Once, it was understood that to get something, one had to save the money, or do the service, or work your guts out and live in a garret, or seek your fortune with all your belongings wrapped in cloth dangling from the stick over your shoulder. Or study by the light of a sputtering sheep fat candle till you wrecked your eyes. Or hack coal at the coal face to feed your family.  Or die. In those days, life was not easy. It was horrible if you were wanting something and you were poor.

Now, if you want - you can just bung it on your credit card. Getting is so easy.

The people at the top haven't a clue how to sort the mess out. The Government is poor - so they are just bunging their wants on credit just like the rest of us. Everybody's wanting. Everyone is using money that isn't really there - just numbers on a computer. Imaginary stuff. The illusion of the modern world.

Interesting times indeed.