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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Thank goodness for little girls - and the NHS

We are having our seventh grandchild on Friday the 22th March. There have been a few glitches in the pregnancy and our daughter has spent a lot of time in and around our nearest large hospital. So we have been looking after her two-year-old a lot.  It's quite exhausting. I wonder how I ever managed with FIVE!

This little granddaughter that we are looking after so much, is a real cutie-pot-pie-face. Congenial in every way. So she's really no trouble.

But, I need to say how impressed I am with the National Health Service. They have been meticulous in monitoring what is happening inside our daughter, with amazing technology not available in my day. So I hope her little sister (yes it's a girl) will arrive safely and be as congenial too.

The stress is really hectic! Roll on Friday and NHS - do your thing!