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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Knocking down the sherriffs

We have elections coming up in just over a month.

I will vote with a spoiled vote. I could have not bothered to vote at all. But then I would just look apathetic - and there are too many of those kinds of people around already!

So I will spoil my vote by crossing out everyone on the list and writing UKIP in LARGE letters across the form - and then, in case the counters don't know what to do with the paper I will write (spoiled vote) in brackets so they know which pile to put it in..

From Wonderful Wikiperdia -

The validity of the election may be questioned if there is an unusually high proportion of spoilt votes. However, in countries such as the UK where spoilt ballots are counted, some voters will deliberately spoil their ballot paper to show disapproval of the candidates available whilst still taking part in the electoral process. This may include signing or printing the voter's name on the ballot slip. Evidence points that this practice dates back to times when electoral wards were assigned a designated scÄĞrgerefa (Old English) or "sheriff" a royal official responsible for keeping the peace throughout a shire or county on behalf of the king and who would pay royalties to those who had shown their support.

 I don't like any of our sherriffs and the current government is a real right mess!