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Friday, 15 March 2013

Don't think about the "cheeeldren", just think

I don't like this planet. No - I lie. I think the planet is wonderful. It's the human beings on the planet that leave me with distaste.

What IS wrong with us? We are one of the few creatures that actively kill our own species whilst spouting about "the sanctity of life" and the "cheeldren". We meddle, we interfere, we have something inside of us that tells us we are right and everyone else is wrong and we have to fix other humans. We join groups to support those feelings of "rightness". We form packs to make sure others conform too. We punish them if they don't.

We are very bad examples for the "cheeldren".  I don't believe children should be protected from real life - from smokers and smoking, for instance, or the facts that there is poverty and pain and nasty people.  We teach children to be co-operative, to behave properly, discipline themselves, to be considerate, to be neat, to conform at school. To fit in.

Fit into what?

To fit into a western society purposely sculpted to be consumers. To want. To want more. To shop till we drop. To never be entirely happy. To believe that growth is good, and more is better.

To fit into a western society weighted by atheism, where even the children's television programs are devoid of huggy, luvvy magical creatures - and adults watch programs where all woo/spirituality is scorned and people like Richard Dawkins become experts to lead us away from medieval thinking.

To fit into a western society entangled in legislation enforced on it of how to think and what to do, a society made all clean and antiseptic.  And safe. Where danger is not allowed and where everything that goes wrong must be blamed on someone, or you yourself. This is especially noticeable in the UK.

To fit into a western society that actively kills people. That fights wars for no more reason than greed under camouflage of protecting us from terrorism. That sends young compliant fully grown children to "serve their countries" and to be proud of it!

I think the human species is horrible. It always has been. We are no better than humans in the past - just arrogant in thinking we are now civilised....because we have science and we think so much about our "cheeldren".

Yet I like giraffes, birds, dolphins, trees, flowers, bees, sunsets and sheep.  And dogs.

They seem so much nicer humans.