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Monday, 18 March 2013

TV gripes

I'm interested to see the new BBCTV setup now they've moved into their new surroundings. I hope they keep their wits. It's been uncomfortable enough to watch the Business News with presenter and interviewee teetering on tiny bar stools at an equally tiny cafe table. Ridiculous - it's not a cafe, nor a bar!

Why on earth should we have to watch news readers standing as several channels offer. Why would they need to stand? To show their knobbly knees, their funny feet, their badly cut trousers? Their not so perfect figures?  Or to put the news readers under even more stress than their difficult job already poses?

Please sit down people! Oh no - not on those silly bar stools which are popping up all over the place - instruments of torture and iodiocy even at bars where they belong.

Standing? Bar stools? For Pete's sake.

Go back behind your desks where you look dignified.

I hope the BBCTV's new setup is not torturous to watch......but I'm not holding my breath. They are "modernising" God help us.