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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Making my own recipes

I can see why it's considered essential to have "recipes" for living. Religions provide a recipe to follow so that, if you follow the recipe, you ought to be successful/live for ever/go to heaven. Governments produce recipes for public health and public safety. Some recipes are simply tradition. Some are recipes based on thousands of years of observation and human study - for example - the knowledge of the mind from studies in the East. Other recipes are based on precedents - like English Law.

Some recipes are absolutely essential to put together in the right way in the right order. For example, you need to put your socks and trousers on before you add your boots and not the other way round. I can see the sense in that. 

You get people who like recipes. My husband likes recipes - he's a fantastic cook - he follows recipes. He is an instruction follower for cooking. In society instruction following people are the supporters of systems. Or they build bigger systems, more complex recipes than before with more detailed instructions. Scientists do this. They build on the dogma/creed that is the underlying accepted recipe that is the basis of their industry.

We have a new Pope, the head of a religion, encrusted with barnacles of tradition, so thick, they cover the initial form that inspired it. Millions of Catholics follow the recipe of the Catholic Church - the rules are clear - they believe in the recipe because it is "right".

Most people consider the recipe they adopted for their lives, is right, or at least the best. People share recipes constantly. "Take a pain killer", "Go on holiday", "Stop smoking", "Get a divorce" " Get a degree" "Have a baby". You might say, this is advice. But it isn't really. People are telling you how they would handle the situation you find yourself in - their recipe.

There is always someone or some group that prove one or other recipes are wrong. There are many centenarian smokers, or fitness addicts who drop down dead or have strokes quite young, or Godly people who make war not peace, or Governments whose recipes/policies harm their own citizens and scientists responsible for twististics and lies.

I am not a recipe follower. I don't like recipes made by others. I like to make my own recipes. I like to take a recipe and change it to suit me. I am arrogant enough to think I can because I see how bad many recipes have proved to be. 

I am not a good cook either!