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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Body Modification - fascinating if you have time to watch

We humans on planet earth, have always done body modification. Some we do for beauty and ornamentation. And some to repair that in us which is deformed or broken.

With modern medicine at hand, we can change our bodies more safely than we have ever done before.

It is both miraculous and grotesque. It is legal - most of it.

It is a fact that we own our own bodies - if we want to use body modification - WE do it. The crime in body modification is when it is done TO us.

Ritual piercings and body modification can be used for spiritual journeying - as a child I watched Hindus attaching limes to their chests and backs before fire walking. Out of the body experiences are pretty common too - and various situations can trigger them.

Here is Fakir Mustapha being interviewed in two fascinating movies - part one.

Part two