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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Preventing pleasure and excellent video worth watching

Pregnancy out of marriage was as recently as the 1960's considered "filthy". Babies were removed from their mothers. Unmarried mothers were forced into great efforts to hide their indiscretion from the people around them. They had been caught out in the unacceptable sin of sleeping with someone. The tight morals of society prevented girls from misbehaving, by punishing them if they did. With the advent of the pill, who knew who slept with whom? Sin became unpreventable by either judgement or punishment. It became secret - really secret - because the outcome didn't have to be pregnancy.

We have been through the normalisation of sex.

Strangely, through the same years, we have been through the de-normalisation of smoking. It's almost like we have to stand in judgement against some kind of activity that gives pleasure, by preventing it. Preventing since the 1960's has snowballed.

Some aspect of almost everything we do in life, is prevented - "for our own good". We do this by legislation.

We have caused things to happen by our efforts to prevent.

There is a war on drugs.Yet, since the sixties, drugs are more availiable and diverse.
There is a war on smoking Yet smoking stays at more or less a quarter of the population.
There is a war on obesity So the "healthy" diet that is promoted is obviously not.
There is a war on alcohol, the only legal way to "forget".

Now, I see a new war coming, a spinoff from smoking, a war on electronic cigarettes. According to the EU Tobacco Control Directive, these, if they contain over 0.2mg of nicotine, must be classified "medical devices". This will prevent any pleasure to those who vape for the nicotine as lifestyle.

Preventing, preventing, really needs to be stopped. This is an excellent video to watch on both sides of the debate and the preventing mentality is exposed - "for your own good", " for the good of our children" "for your country's good" "for our financial good" - control, control, control.....enjoy!

Drink, Smoke, Eat, Prohibition today.