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Sunday, 10 March 2013

The dessicated in spirit

When I was a kid, the eggs on our poultry farm were graded by size. What we graded as "Pullets" eggs and sold cheap are nowadays what we buy as small eggs. Extra Large eggs  nowadays are what, then, were just "medium eggs".

Sizes are changing - getting smaller in fact. Less generous.

Today I ate my Turkish Delight that I have been given for Mother's Day. I haven't had Turkish Delight for years. But, my goodness - it's got smaller.

I haven't quite figured out why things are getting smaller. But, somehow, it feels we get less for money now than we once did. And there is a mean spirit around in society - mean and dessicated.

Once furniture, carpets, light bulbs, utensils, tools, shoes, pieces of jewellery were made to last - sometimes for a lifetime. Houses were generous with pantries, nooks, wide doorways, porches.

People used to put time and thought into eating. They made their own fishcakes, ginger beer, lemonade. Ingredients were real. Foods included sugar, butter, cream, eggs and real whole milk.

Clothes were generous with frills and flounces, petticoats and ruffles, often home made. Hats, cloves, ribbons and bows clips and combs complemented all. Women's' figures were voluptuous.

Voluptuous is missing nowadays.

Mean has become normal - even figure-wise. The dessicated in spirit are moving society.

After plain packaging hits smokers, aren't cigarettes going to be smaller?

After they come for the smokers, they might come for the vapers, the drinkers, the eaters. Small and mean might be enforced and called by another name "healthy". And maybe it is.

But I liked it before!