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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Plain Packaging on its way

The Guardian reports that plain packaging is on its way. How barbaric we are! I have objected to plain packaging on these grounds. The nocebos (self-fulfilling prophecies and subliminals) that are so clearly displayed on cigarette packets in quotes like "Smoking Kills" or "Smoking causes blindness" and the illustrations of rotting teeth or other medical conditions that are being planned to be shown, should be considered harmful to those who do choose to smoke and all of society in general.  The use of nocebos in this way is morally questionable. It does not promote health - but illness!  Smokers, already disadvantaged by the fact that they smoke are being made more ill by the constant repetition of these "mantras". Also, they are not true, they are only possibilities plain packs are re-enforcing to become true. This is not for anyone's good. Plain packaging should be plain, if you want, but plain packs are not plain in reality. The way it is planned is a crime, and psychologically abusive to everyone  - smokers and non-smokers alike.

I was a smoker for 50 years and luckily all my children and I remain healthy. Never did the "packaging" induce me to buy cigarettes. I stuck with the same brand for all those years. I never "chose" a pack in a shop, nor found any cigarette packaging alluring, feminine or pretty. When health warnings appeared on packs, I simply used a cigarette case so that I would not be affected by them. The only warning I can remember is "Smoking Kills" and every time I saw it - my brain registered that it was a lie. I loved smoking. I refused to be made to feel guilty about it. It's quite accidental that I prefer vaping, which I do now.

I personally think this whole situation of inducing terror into smokers and "stamping" the habit out has gone too far. Smokers will smoke. Children will smoke. They will start smoking not because they see cigarettes in a shop - but because it's dangerous and forbidden and they get fags from their mates.  Maybe kids will collect grotesque packs to swap? Smokers will smoke regardless of standardised packaging and regardless of tobacco products being hidden away in shops.

The victory of making second hand smoke dangerous to non smokers has been won. Smokers can now show their habit off to everyone as they stand in the streets smoking  in the exhaust and diesel fumes of passing traffic whilst non-smokers cross over to the other side of the road to avoid them.

With the nocebos on plain packaging, non smokers will imprint their future illness into their subconscious minds and everyone will get sicker quicker. It will be blamed on second hand smoke and not diesel or exhaust or other cancer causing agents which surround us.

Making people sick is a crime - using subliminals is a crime. I thought this Government would more humane than Australia, but I am disappointed AGAIN!