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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Congress - be brave, be moral, be anti-war too and stop little boys playing with terrifying toys

I have been really upbeat about how democracy has worked in the UK with our anti-war vote. I believe we have set an example. We must have shot up in the estimation of many, if not the whole world. Right now, I am proud to be British!

I like to think Obama would not be consulting with Congress, if David Cameron had blathered along with warmongering and taken us into war like Tony Blair did, trotting on behind the USA. Fortunately he was stopped in his tracks by our Parliament.

I think the actions of Britain ARE important. I think this action in Parliament has been one of the most important for a long, long time. In all the doom and gloom and pretty-boy politicians imposing their Oxbridge ideas on us, it has been the single most uplifting thing recently, that has made me feel happy.

If Congress stops Obama in his warmongering tracks too, I will be delirious!

The younger generation of politician that actually knows f**** all about war, should learn that there ARE other ways to exert domination without killing people. They are little boys with terrifying toys being advised by Generals who just need a job.