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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Giving up smoking might be dangerous for your health

I have long had a theory that people should want to give up smoking as a reason for giving up smoking. Giving up because of outside persuasion, pressure, feelings of guilt, nagging, Tobacco Control, social manipulation, is bad for your health. You will simply manifest something else to take its place.

Some years ago a friend nagged her husband constantly to stop the fags. I told her about my theory - but her eyes glazed over - I could tell she was not listening. This was the same friend, who years later, in my lounge, blown out of her mind on many bottles of our red wine, told me "Shmokersz are thu shcourge of the earth!" Mmmm.

Anyway, back to the story. Her poor husband got himself off smoking and into two years of addiction to nicotine gum. Eventually he managed to break his addiction to that, Six months later he developed testicular cancer. That coupled with the red wine problem of his wife, ended the marriage.

See? I told her so. But after the "Shmokersz are thu shcourge of the earth!" comment made as I was stubbing out my tiny home-rolled fag in my own ashtray, my feelings of friendship for her dissipated fast. She needed to take the mote out of her own eye before noticing them in the eyes of others.

But I might be wrong about my theory after all. What has uplifted me today is Giving up smoking might be dangerous for your health article I found in a comment on someone else's blog.