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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

War on a foreign country by bankrupt Britain?

I am holding my breath. I have written to my MP - again! If things follow the pattern of the warmongering that occurred before the Iraq war, Britain will get involved in Syria  - to our shame.

Once, we were rulers of the "Empire". That was then. We have no "Empire". We are a bankrupt little island with delusions of grandeur. There is no way meddling in other countries is our "moral" duty. The moral duty of our Government is to stop wasting tax payers' money and do the will of its citizens. British citizens to NOT want yet another war based on flimsy uncorroborated evidence, that might involve us in unforeseen ways and cause more suffering to people who are already suffering. There's no logic in that - no morality - just foolishness.

I watched how Tony Blair turned into a glittering eyed goblin as his terms progressed - the same transformation that is making Obama look equally old and shriveled now. It really must be difficult to be a President/Prime Minister. It astonishes me anyone ever wants to be.

So I will be watching the face of our David Cameron. I am hoping he will prove more wise than I expect him to be.

But maybe not.....

Quote - Britain's National Security Council "unanimously" backed action against Syria over its "unacceptable" chemical weapons use, Prime Minister David Cameron said earlier on Wednesday.

Want to know who is the National Security Council? Click here. Mmmm.. don't know what to say  they all look really familiar!

So we are talking to the United Nations? We did that last time too. And then we waged an illegal war.