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Thursday, 29 August 2013

May wisdom rule

Nothing good will be put in my blogs for a while. I am really cross with myself - extra grumpy - not happy.

Last night I killed my laptop partially - you can't really be partially killed? you're either dead or alive yes? but my laptop is partially killed  - bits of it work - but not all the bits - so it is really dead for me. I lobbed a ball for my dog against the lounge wall, which I sometimes do, for fun. It was a shot in a million! It glanced off the edge of the open door, came right back at me. Hit me. Ricochet'd off me and  into my litre glass of water. That flipped over emtying the whole contents into my face and splashed onto my laptop. It was like  a scene out of a slapstick comedy  I laughed myself breathless - whilst mopping up the water on the laptop. But now I'm laughing on the other side of my face.

Having just returned from walking the dog, I find North West Electricity have now completed the huge pole/mast that we fought so hard to stop last year. On Friday, they delivered a letter to the inhabitants of the houses that overlook it, and three days later, they erected it. Weasels!  So that has made me feel extra grumpy. I hope the bloody thing falls over. Mind you, one of the farmers in the protest last year did say that it was amazing what tractors could do by accident. However, the weasels have erected a tractor-proof fence too. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authorities really have no authority - North West Electricity went over their heads in a Government appeal.

But I am delighted to say that I got a personal e-mail in answer to mine  from our MP to say he agreed with my request for him not to be complicit in the warmongering of Tony Blair's Heir, Cameron in parliament today. May wisdom rule.

As soon as he gets home from Parliament, I will add my e-mail to the others already sent to him about the bloody pole/mast. But, poor fellow, he's a bit busy right now!

I will also not be lobbing balls around our lounge again.