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Thursday, 15 August 2013

The secret is in the sting

I have been in terrible pain with my shoulder for over two months. NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) eat your stomach and have horrible side effects. I was not happy with them.

Accidentally, and quite co-incidentally, I discovered something called "Urtication" which means stinging yourself at the pain site with stinging nettles to relieve the pain and seeing the stinging nettles are good here at the moment, I tried it. The result was miraculous!  Stinging yourself on purpose with the humble stinging nettle is as good as any pharmaceutical drug. I have been astonished and delighted.I am now pain free!

I works because the body sends out all the anti-inflammatory chemicals and other good stuff it needs to the nettle site - which, of course is your pain site and it works wondrously.

Not so much is written about urtication - its both ancient and modern. If anyone reading this has good links, please send them to me,

But I did see a clinical trial where it ranked with any NSIAIDS, so people must know about it. Couldn't imagine any of our pharmaceutical corporation pets telling anyone in their surgery "Just go home and flog yourself with nettles"! 

Here is a Patent for 2010 for nettle and pain - dried powder - but I think the secret is in the sting.