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Sunday, 1 September 2013

If the fish smells bad, you need to look at the head

We have just been watching Plamegate. Very interesting movie.

"This event in American history is sometimes also referred to as the Plame Affair, Plame Scandal, or CIA leak scandal. Plamegate started in early 2003, when officials in the Bush administration leaked Plame's identity to members of the press, and the media promptly published information about Plame. The officials in the administration argued that the leak was accidental, while others suspected that it may have been deliberate.
Public attention as the scandal unfolded focused both on Valerie Plame and on her husband, Joseph Wilson, a former American ambassador. Wilson claimed that Plamegate began out of a desire for revenge, after he wrote a series of scathing opinion editorials in the New York Times about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Wilson argued that the administration was angered by his attempt to undermine its justification for going to war in Iraq, and that it struck back by outing his wife's secret identity."

It is a fascinating glimpse at the corruption of power and Dubya's (and Tony Blair's) determination to attack Iraq. And how viciously people who tried to argue for truth were treated - Dr Kelly in the UK comes to mind for instance.

I have sat here wondering what is happening in the USA to prove the gas used in Syria was actually used by Assad when I have seen one or two reports that the rebels have admitted releasing it by accident. But there is nothing about that in the mainstream media.

Sarin was used by a rebel group in the Tokyo underground nearly twenty years ago - how did they get it in such "olden days"?

Something stinks. And my husband always says "if the fish stinks, you need to look at the head".