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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Do you think Assad would be daft enough to use gas on his own citizens, knowing that was exactly what the USA and their side-kick UK would use as an excuse for West-meddling? I say No.

Do you think Governments are honest and upstanding, that they would never censor information, or purposefully interfere in other autonomous countries for their own nefarious ends? I say No.

Do you think the anti smoking brigade should have such vast lobbying power that they can make Governments persecute the lifestyle of a quarter of their population? Or that vaping should be medicalised by the decision of a committe whose members represent Drug Companies?  I say No.

Do you think salt "causes" high blood pressure, even though in the very short term, it can raise some people's blood pressure? Or that eating fat causes people to become fat? Or that our Government's "healthy plates" are actually healthy? I say No.

Do you believe that the Drug Companies are more upstanding and moral than Big Tobacco? Or that Big Tobacco Control, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma never lie, cheat, or fudge statistics to promote their causes? I say No.

Do you believe the BBC is unbiased and fair in its reporting? That it never follows an "agenda" to brainwash the citizens of the UK, if not other countries too? That it never, by censorship, tries to influence us? I say No.

Do you trust our leaders to make good decisions on badger culls, or war, or smoking, or assisted suicide, or happiness, or housing, or railways, or legalising drugs, or healthy lifestyles, or gay marriage, or the EU, or internet porn? Do you think anyone really knows what they are doing? I say No.

Should we take ANYTHING on face value? Should we just believe everything we are told by our leaders?  I say No.