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Friday, 23 August 2013

While science looks through the keyhole, we can't see the room we live in!

I have had a few "Jesus Saves" messages recently. Those afflict me less in my life than the constant barrage we get in the UK media that there is nothing believable but science. Thinking that science has the answer to all aspects of living, is called Scientism. It's as fundamentalist as any "Jesus Saves" prostelytising that can happen to anyone. I think we have moved into a very horrible scientism age.

I believe we have a spiritual aspect and I think science could prove it if they wanted to. They have got stuck in their neo darwinsim and scientism.  While they are stuck there, they are unable to properly investigate ideas that have been studied for thousands of years in the east. One of the ideas that would improve life as we know it, is that everything and everyone is interconnected. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction in scientific terms. But the idea this only applies to billiard balls, is incorrect. I believe it applies to EVERYTHING, visible and invisible, material, natural, emotional, cultural, national and planetary if not also cosmic.

If we understood this we'd make less cock-ups.  And we'd live in a much wiser world.

We'd be nice to EVERYTHING.