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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What I enjoyed today

I had a lovely time reading Captain Ranty's The Things I Despise because I don't like the things he lists either.

This is the beginning of a "short" list that rambles right down the page. Read it all in his rant.
The EU
The Government
The Politicians
The Scientists (who sold their souls for grant money)
The wasted billions of taxpayer money
Sport. Pretty much all of it.
Censorship. Of any description etc etc

But the thing that actually uplifted me was the advice in the comments from William. I think he is a wise and serene man.

Here it is in full -
"Here’s Cr’s List with some solutions
The EU
Ignore it
The Government
Research Trusts and Proclamations
The Politicians
Ignore them they are not the government
The Scientists (who sold their souls for grant money)
They will do it anyway so ignore them. Real science is never settled
The wasted billions of taxpayer money
All in the past. Look to the now and reduce your tax contributions as much as you can, get creative.
Sport. Pretty much all of it.
Ignore it
Censorship. Of any description
Ignore it. Talk to those who will listen and wish those who won’t well.
State surveillance
Anything the state folks do they are spectacularly bad at so don’t worry about it until it bites you on the arse
Wind turbines
Be patient they will all fall over at some point once the subsidies run out so don’t get too near
The ridiculous tripe the SNP comes out with
They are political actors paid to spout tripe, ignore it.
Airport security
Theatre enjoy it. Be polite and cite non existent religious views to bypass as much of it as you can
Public servants who have forgotten who they serve
Ignore them. Toothless deluded pawns
The ‘two-tier’ law system
Another ‘too big’ to worry about. If it bites you then fix it if it doesn’t pay no attention
Having 14 stitches in my arse
Must be painful. Do some alternative health research and see if there is anything that can speed the healing and ease the pain
‘Donating’ over 70% of MY earnings to people who piss it away
The only solution here I can see is to stop working a job and do a Leg Iron instead (earn enough to live)
Council Tax-I could provide the same ‘services’ they do, but much cheaper
It’s a con plain and simple. Newstruth has a plan go read his blog
Thuggish police
Avoid them whenever possible or withdraw your consent to be policed
Leniency for crimes against children
No solutions on this one as I’ve not come into any contact with a crime against a child.
Not being ‘permitted’ to arm myself
You have fists, feet and a brain. You are armed.
Charities. Particularly those that are sponsored and/or ‘gifted’ our money by the govt
Ignore them. Do not given them a penny.
Rap music
Yes I agree to me it’s shite so don’t listen to it. Some people actually like it so unless you are forced to listen to it move or switch the crap off.
Justin Fucking Bieber
No opinion on this chap
The extortionate cost of tobacco
Tobacco tax is the extortion so find a better solution than Tesco. Use your imagination
The extortionate cost of alcohol
Alcohol tax is the extortion so find a better solution than Tesco. Use your imagination
The extortionate cost of petrol/diesel
Again just tax so research and seek out potential ways to reduce the reliance on the car. Changing habits is a good place to start.
That fucking Environmental Charge on my electricity bill
Don’t pay it. They will threaten to cut off the leccy, never the gas. Read their general supply contract. There is no mention of surcharges and the four schemes that make up the charge are meant to be funded by the suppliers. Do the research and send the CEO of the supplying company a nice and polite letter pointing this out and see what happens.
The biased BBC
Ignore it and stop funding it
The corrupted ‘free’ press
Dead man walking so ignore it.
A condition of deluded humans. The best you can do is stop being one of them"