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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Frozen shoulder/repetitive strain - a bigger concept

I have spent many posts on this blog moaning about the disappointment I feel at how strangely warped life on this alien planet feels. At the end of May, I overdid things in our garden and the same weekend overdid metal detecting near Hadrians wall. Since then, I have been in and out of agony. Sometimes I have decided this shoulder and arm is the beginning of something terminal! When I am on pain killers, I can use my arm reasonably comfortably, but then, am I just masking the pain? The pain is telling me something, yes? And a further complication is that my left arm, is semi paralised from a post-natal stroke I had after my last baby. So when the doctor said "Keep your arm at rest, don't use it", I nearly fell off the chair laughing. In your dreams Mr Doctor - it's the only arm I have!

What is the meaning of the pain in my arm/shoulder other than to tell me it has been injured? Well, here is some interesting stuff from a different angle.
According to Louise L. Hay in her book "Heal your body" (Hay House, revised edition 2008):
Shoulder pain represents our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We choose to make life a burden by our attitude.

Yup - that fits me.

According to "The secret language of your body" (Blue Angel Publishing, 2007) by Inna Segal:
The shoulders are to do with carrying the world on your shoulders. Holding onto too much strain, stress and worry. Feeling insecure, unsure, frightened, overwhelmed, sad, rejected, distrustful and discouraged. 

Yup, that fits me too. In fact I'd say it was spot on about how I feel about this world that we humans are mangling into something almost unrecogniseable to me.  Yet the younger generation think that their lives are "normal", apathetically accepting limitations to their freedoms, invasions to their privacy, legislations to issues where they don't belong, continual wars, oil and gas fired greed and avarice, corporate power, illusory money, lifestyle interference, science used dishonestly, denormalisation of groups like smokers, fat people, drinkers and the religious, rampant consumerism, materialism, botoxed facelifted photoshopped hair restored fake-people, feral children, me, me me promoting media, induced fear by science, not by satan and not understanding that 1984 has already arrived. (nice long sentence yes?)

So all that is captured in my pain. It is in my soul.

I feel better now that I said it - maybe the pain will go away?