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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Wow! The Swing Commanders - feeling good!

When I was a younger woman, I made a tape with all my favourite music numbers on it. It's in our attic somewhere, and if I played it now, it might sound distorted and horrible and disappoint me. But our children remember that tape.

We went to a bit of a do last night in our village. The band was absolutely outstanding. The first six numbers they played were ALL on my tape! They did especially good Manhattan Transfer, Glen Miller stuff and Swing. Some of our kids were with us, they were tickled pink at my delight! It takes a lot to delight me nowadays. The Swing Commanders not only played REAL MUSIC from the Forties with harmonies, melody and meaning, they did it with such happiness. They did it without any laser decor, flashing lights, pounding sound system, and they used real SKILL.

I can't find any of their  Manhattan Transfer, Glen Miller stuff and the Swing we heard on the Internet - only - disappointingly - country and western and barn-dance stuff. But they did it and it was GOOD. For me, that was them at their best. 

They made my night - I'll feel better for days!