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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Are we nuts?

There are lots of things I don't understand so I ask the question - why do we (the UK government) have to be a gracious patron to the rest of the world?

This kind of thing makes me wonder quote "Britain has promised a total of £2.9bn. .... our share of the long-term goal of $100bn by 2020," said Davey. "Between now and 2015 our climate finance commitments (to Africa) will continue" We have already paid out a packet. Aren't WE the ones short of money?

Not to mention the cost of EU Membership see here
and here Can we AFFORD this?

And there are all sorts of other outgoings to other countries. We are so gracious!

Why it makes me confused is because no one in government seems to understand plain budgeting that us ordinary folk understand. If you spend more than comes in - you are in the dwang. If you BORROW to buy something and your incomings won't be able to pay it back you are in deep dwang! If you are hemorrhaging money out of your own physical system, you need to stop the flow surely? You can't give your money away if you need it yourself.

To me it seems very peculiar to  graciously fund other countries and dish out oodles of money you haven't got to the rest of the world at the expense of your citizens, or otherwise increasing the "public" debt by borrowing it to give it away.

Any person in the street, working with incomings and outgoings is wiser than Government. Perhaps they should be running the money? To me, the money policy of our Government just seems nuts.