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Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Audible Orgasm

I have been wondering about the history of the audible orgasm. I have pondered for a long time, on how folks in crowded houses, in hovels or hostelries of yore managed to put up with all the  "Oooooh's 'n Ahhhh's Oooooh's and  Ahhhh's" loudly yelled during female orgasm. Maybe women were once quieter?

I have decided that this current audible orgasm practise must be a dramatic recent addition to sex - an artifact of the modern age, possibly from the porn/movie/video industry. How do you actually show, when you act sex out, that anything is happening as a woman? Well, you yell and shriek. It becomes a modern human behaviour by mimic, easy to fake.

Perhaps I am wrong because "hysterical paroxysm" was the term used in Victorian times for raucous orgasm. Freud studied it "scientifically" so it could be said by our learned elite that something like that existed. Did they not know that women orgasmed? Did they do it silently, or not at all?  "Hysterical paroxysm" was not the norm.

Women have orgasmed for 100 000 years and more. Did they all make such a dreadful din? Or have we had to invent the audible orgasm because we, as voyeurs, need to be reassured that something real is happening?