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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Grotesque rogues gallery pictures on cigarette packages need scientific support, otherwise they are simply unproved anecdotes - aka - lies.

 I have just read:-The Story of Brian aged 34

I listened to Journalist Sue Landry speaks with Nick McCallum too.  (Find the broadcast under the pictures of Brian) This is not science - this is anecdote! I will not believe this is true until Brian's medical files are released to the public. Until then, I will take this as an unproved anecdote touted as true by a lying Tobacco Control.

Brian looks as if he is a chemotherapy victim to me.

My father-in-law died of lung cancer at the same time someone else I know's father-in-law died of lung cancer. We compared notes. Neither father's-in-law were treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. They were old men. They did NOT look like Brian! In fact it was hard to really see anything much about their illness on the outside. My father-in-law had never been to a doctor. He chain smoked all his life and drank like a fish. He could be totally charming or absolutely evil. He suddenly developed a sore chest and was taken to hospital. He only then stopped smoking (and drinking). He died within a week. He was still flirting with the nurses and asking for more jelly the day before he died, silly old bugger. My friends father-in-law's death was about as undramatic too.

I would like the medical notes on each patient in the grotesque rogues gallery on the packaging of cigarettes - now to be 75% of each packet according to the EU proposed legislation (making plain packaging really unnecessary) - to be published on the Internet so that we can see them. Otherwise, every one of their self fulfilling subliminal and criminal pictures are unscientific anecdotes and probably lies.