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Friday, 28 December 2012

The Gruesome Graphic

This seems to be a time of the gruesome graphic. Once we had censorship which ruled what was acceptable and what not. Censorship was a government function to protect citizens from truly repulsive/upsetting images and movies.

Now it's all changed around. It's a government function to impose on all its citizens gruesome graphics especially selected for their gruesomeness to actively repulse and horrify.

Eight years ago the fatty advert " left an indelible imprint on many smokers' memories, so that every time they pick up a cigarette, they think of our advert and remember the damage that cigarette can do to their arteries."

 I have been banging on about the fact that this is a criminal action. Gruesome graphics are subliminal messages. self fulfilling prophecies and someone wealthy should sue the perpetrators of this.
For 2013 smokers minds will be mind-fucked by a tumour growing cigarette.