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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Citizen Control

We already endure the "sculpture" of society through the Media, and Government. No wonder there are so many conspiracy theories suspicious of a reality that is faked, slanted, twisted, manipulated and corrupt - because faked, slanted, twisted, manipulated and corrupt is true. How to tell what is true and to what extent and what is not is a problem for those that think.

I wanted to see what was trending on Twitter Worldwide and I discovered my offered Tweets from others on Twitter had been "tailored" for me. What a cheek! Why should I always want to see Tweets "tailored" for ME? I want to see the new and fresh stuff, not marinate myself in something similer to me! So the tweets "tailored" for me are not the true reflection of tweeting on twitter. They are a lie made just for me!

I follow Blogs by people who are of like mind. It is very easy to feel our kind of mind is the ONLY way to think. That same effect happens to everyone in society who is bolstered in their thinking by others of like mind. The trick is to get away from the like-minded sometimes and think with a different brain. Thinking "To whom is this thought beneficial?. Who is it bolstering? Should I believe this as true? " is a good way of sorting out the chaff from the seeds - even the chaff in my own thoughts.

I believe a lot of things just because I WANT them to be true, because I don't like what I see in the weird world around me. I believe that gradually, more and more people will become aware of the dross, the manipulation, the consumerism, the fake and the lies that form our society. I have to believe that, otherwise I have no hope for the future. I believe this major "enlightenment" could start to happen before I die.

Maybe I'm kidding myself?