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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cocking up the Lemmings

There is something strange with humans on this planet. They follow recieved wisdom without any thought about it themselves.

Perhaps we've been programmed by evolution to simply follow a leader without thought like a bunch of the proverbial lemmings that we used to believe threw themselves off the edge of cliffs, so  plunging into the sea.  Before we were told "scientifically" that lemmings did not do this, it was a symbol of supreme stupidity.

Well, humans display the exact same stupidity. They just follow the "leaders" thoughtlessly.

It's the non-lemmings that actually make change happen in the world. The non-lemmings THINK. They make their own wisdom. They ask questions that the lemmings find tedious because it stops their mindless running. Mindless running is satisfactory, safe and the runners think they are achieving - working towards progress whilst they are just following the latest current trend/leader/opinion.

Non-lemmings are called names by lemmings. They are derided and scoffed at. But you just need to convert a lot of lemmings to become non-lemmings - to think before they follow -  to change direction, and you have a whole new group cocking up the dash for the cliff.  This is every non-lemmings' duty to society.

If you read to the end of this post, you are probably a non-lemming like me.  You are asking questions like "Where has the war on drugs got us?" "Why are there no death certificates for "died by second hand smoke"" Why does no press release show that death by medical treatment is the biggest cause of avoidable death in the west?" "Why is the West still interfering in autonomous legal countries and not minding our own business?" "Is the UK a democracy?" "Are Governments just meddling mechanisms for Corporations?" "How big is big pharma?" "How trustworthy are scientists and science under pressure for funding and fame?"  "Do reptilians really run our planet?"

It really doesn't matter what challenges we make. Lets carry on cocking up lemming runs. It's our duty as non-lemmings. We don't ALL have to fall over the cliff.