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Monday, 17 December 2012

Caution in trashing the 21st December 2012

I see a lot of chatter on the Internet from Scientists trashing the Mayan Calender end of an Era predictions as codswallop, bullshit and other scornful labels. They are as stupid as those who believe there will be an ACTUAL ending of the world in some horrific way. They are stupid and thoughtless in trashing culture and tradition over which they have little understanding and which is not theirs. And which is an IDEA rather than a THING.

Wiki 2012 Phenomenon

"Unlike the 260-day tzolk'in still used today among the Maya, the Long Count was linear rather than cyclical, and kept time roughly in units of 20: 20 days made a uinal, 18 uinals (360 days) made a tun, 20 tuns made a k'atun, and 20 k'atuns (144,000 days or roughly 394 years) made up a b'ak'tun. Thus, the Mayan date of represents 8 b'ak'tuns, 3 k'atuns, 2 tuns, 10 uinals and 15 days" (the end of one cycle of many, and the beginning of a new one)

This is a wonderful idea - we could take advantage of it, instead of trashing it.

 "There is nothing in the Maya or Aztec or ancient Mesoamerican prophecy to suggest that they prophesied a sudden or major change of any sort in 2012", said Mayanist scholar Mark Van Stone."

"For the ancient Maya, it was a huge celebration to make it to the end of a whole cycle"

So I hope that we will be beginning a new world cycle and hopefully, one day, we can celebrate getting to the end of THAT one too!

Roll on 21,12,2012 - we need a new chance to improve things....

Before I could hit the Publish button I found this excellent good read article published in the Guardian.