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Friday, 21 December 2012

30 a day and oodles of booze

My daughter just left after popping in with her two year old after a visit to the midwife. She tells me her iron is low with a knock on that her blood pressure is low too. She is pregnant again with her second baby. I know what this is like - we've been there before. No wine. No cheese. No this. No that. I can't remember it all now, but I know it just made me feel totally irritated.

So, at the door as she left, this little scene  unfolded.

Mother: "Get some liver, you like liver - that's good for anemia (iron deficiency). Eat liver"
Daughter: " Not allowed to eat liver."
Mother: "Why?"
Daughter: "Too much vitamin A."
Mother:  "Oh."

Now this same daughter has a Spanish friend who is also pregnant who's mother makes sure she eats liver once a week and has a glass of wine every night.  And she does. I wonder what difference we will find between the two babies when they are born.

This same daughter is physically perfect - facial structure, teeth, hair and is Mensa with a massive IQ , academic skills and qualifications and a clever artist.

I looked at her standing in my doorway and just felt powerless at the extent new mothers are brainwashed by all the "scientific" codswallop they have to endure as if being pregnant is a medical illness and the fact she said "I'm not ALLOWED"

I gave her a hug and told her "Well I didn't do too badly with you on 30 cigarettes a day and half a bottle of cane spirits (like Vodka) with coca-cola every night. And I ate anything I wanted."

But I've told her that before......