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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Systems busters

I write this blog - grumbling most of the time - because I'm a systems buster.

I think people come in three kinds. Systems builders are the ones that build the current worldview, governments, corporations, businesses, citizen control groups etc.

Then there are the system maintainers who co-operate with the builders by keeping the structures/systems they have built in place. They are the meek who are supposed to "inherit the earth" according to Jesus. And perhaps they do. They have no stress about changing the world, no vast striving, but just keep everything running smoothly and nicely as the builders desire.

Then there are us! The systems busters, moaning, complaining, revolting, stirring and forcing things to change.

We are all essential.

The builders eventually find their structures/systems will become corrupt. The meek will just allow, as they do. The busters come in and break it all apart so we can start again. 

Sometimes builders and the meek can jump ship and cause change - which is exactly what us busters are aiming for.