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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Flipping Furious with Blackberry Playbook

I want to buy something for the first time for my Playbook. It has now driven me crazy!

Just logging on to Blackberry to get "authentification" has been a nightmare. Then - payment choice - I chose Pay Pal - but it will not log me in. So I go to Pay Pal to change my password and I can't because it already IS my password!

So then I choose  Credt Card - give all my details and it just goes on "saving" for hours - and then highlights my name as incorrect. Well I know my bloody name!

So then I choose another credit card - same thing.

And then I choose my debit card  - same thing.

So now whoever the mob is that collects money for Blackberry World Service have my paypal details, two credit card details AND my debit card details. And I am STILL no nearer to spending a measily £5 pounds on their bloody app.

I am absolutely SIZZLING!