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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sugar, Spice and all things nice

As you know, I favour Paleo eating - the one that includes fat. Paleo eating avoids all commercially produced foods. It avoids grains, cereals, pulses, sugar, dairy and other stuff.

Sounds dreary -  but it isn't.  It's amazing the nice things you can eat both sweet and savory. And I do it because I feel good on it - mentally sharp, energetic, physically well.

My interest in it started with the number of people I met on my life that said "I don't eat bread anymore" or "I am gluten intolerant".  I love bread, but I feel a whole lot better if I don't eat it and then I found all these people doing the same thing as me! Simply cutting out bread.

I already knew about how bad an effect sugar had on me - within an hour it made me feel so tired, I knew to keep away or pay the price.

So how eating  affected the way I felt was an absolute surprise to me. I enjoy finding out how good I can feel. And Paleo does it for me.

I think it's everyone's personal decision on how they should eat. Would it be better if the Government totally banned all the sugars, bread, cakes, sweets, and things that make us feel tired, depressed, irritable and  cause us to get sick? No, of course not! Everyone should be free to find these things out for themselves. We just need to listen to our bodies. I think more and more people are. And I think the idea of feeling good all the time through food could spread. It's cheaper and more lasting than drugs and booze!

On paleo, its a good experience to "fall of the wagon". The hangover from all the commercially produced foods, grains, cereals, pulses, sugar, dairy and other stuff you haven't been eating is so obvious, it makes you remember why you follow Paleo. Sugar and spice ain't always nice!