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Thursday, 24 January 2013

People Purifiers

Pity we are in the clutches of so many people purifiers.

I can't understand why some folk are so bound up in their causes that they end up looking like members if the Inquisition. Well - I do know many antis working in the anti industry get highly paid for their activities. Just like scientists that find the exact right results in their studies to justify another grant, a bigger loan, a better career.

So there are career people purifiers that get well paid and rewarded for their efforts. They can switch from one anti stance to another just as easily as it takes them to work out the money advantage of doing so. Careers - onwards and upwards! It doesn't really matter which people you are trying to purify - any will do - smokers, the obese, the vapers, the addicted, the drinkers - whatever - undiscovered unhealthy lifestyles are being revealed daily that will give people purifiers lots of guaranteed work for a long time yet.

But the main trouble with people purifiers is that their rhetoric, wherever it appears, is believed by the flock. The flock is what people purifiers are after - they are the ones that can be steered in the right direction and carry all other sheep along.

I live in the country. When the dogs start the sheep pouring down the hill, once they have started the flow, they just have to trot along behind and before you know it, it's over and done.

So I stood next to a sheeple the other day, who saw my sister smoking outside in the garden. She turned to me and asked with a people purifier sneer "Hasn't she given that up yet?"