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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Food against the nation

I believe that -

Our health and welfare should be assured by our governments as far as town planning, clean water, sewerage, electricity, gas and hospitals. They should butt out when it comes to food because they've made a real right royal mess already.

Having insisted on giving the wrong advice on nutrition to their citizens in the name of health, they attempt to ban/regulate foods they see as the cause of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Governmental dietary advice IS the problem!

It will take a few years still for the scientific evidence, to trickle down into Government. But it will take thinking citizens far quicker to realise  that:-

Dietary friends are - fat, protein, fruit, nuts and green vegetables.
Salt is not the enemy of most people - only salt sensitives.
Dietary Foes are - low fat, low salt, sugar, grains, cereals, bread and carbohydrates

Once you get the friends right, a lot of the foes are not craved. 

Until that time, we citizens, will carry on being fat and unhealthy. And governments will blame it all on us!

But that's just what I believe.