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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Crimes against us...

In reviewing 2012 and especially the idea that as we go into 2013, we will start on an era of greater transparency. Eventually more and more people might understand how we have been manipulated into enduring what I would call immoral scientific crimes against humanity.

So are some criminal aspects of our new technology I hope, before I die, will be acknowledged and apologised for by the scientific community that advises our politicians, governments and world organisations and at whose doorstep these activities/ideas that have/are harming us should be laid.

1. Nuclear testing
Nuclear power
3. Incorrect governmental nutritional guidance
4. Monsanto
5. Scientism
6. Technological exploitation of Earth resources
7. Planned obsolescence
8. Pharmaceutical "scientific" Drugs tested on the unwitting all over the world

Well that's my today's list!