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Monday, 7 January 2013

Biscuit people

We run our whole society on fear. FEAR. One of our biggest fears in illness is cancer.

I don't know about other countries, but I do know how surprised I was when I came here from another country, how totally focused on illness the media and government keep the people in the UK pointed to. I thought being ill, was not normal. Normal was being well. But I've come to think that normal, here, is when you are seeing the doctor for something that is wrong with you. If we are all focused on not being well, that's the way we will be.

We run our society by committing crimes against humans in the name of progress.

We have purposefully irradiated our world with nuclear fallout. Nuclear explosions

We'll never know how much damage we have done by demonising sunshine so that we spread cancer causing creams onto our skins and avoid the health giving hormones of Vitamin D.   No wonder rickets is on the rise.

For a hunded years we have filled people's teeth with mercury fillings - and still do, even though we know it damages the brain. We have never scientifically investigated the side effects. We have promoted - nay - we have forced millions to drink "caries reducing" additives to our water - even though it is known to be toxic.
We allow chemicals in our homes and foods - 80 000 new additions since the 1940's Science says little about the possible damage to us - even though people suspect much. And those who speak up are lumped in with conspiracy theorists.

We feed our brains with toxic ideas.

Visual violence - testostervioloporn movies and computer games, news visuals of wars, bombings, riots, hate and anguish pour into our consciousness where even 50 years ago, much of what was happening, was not seen by the mass of us. Sex, once a personal discovery, has somehow become in movies a tawdry blatant thing, thrown out as women's liberation. Now the liberated are shown as testosterwomen who are able to copulate when the testosterdrive overtakes them. But this is not a reflection of real life relationships - only of the movies - movies offered to us in the name of liberation.

We'll never know the damage we do to people as these visuals steep into our minds or the damage we are doing as allowed toxins in agriculture, in foods, water and other products of our advanced! civilisation steep our bodies.

Nor can we know how our health and vigour are drained by scientism - removing our spiritual lives by labelling them as delusions of the brain because science says so and can prove it.

We are being slowly deformed into emotionally dessicated, fearful, ill people whilst being pounded into the shape our government, academia (and science) thinks we should be - biscuits that fit the biscuit box, neatly packed, quality controlled and sanitised.