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Friday, 4 January 2013

In praise of Paleo

Do not rely on the National Health Service to give correct advice on nutrition. They cannot do so because they are a political arm of governments. To issue good eating guidance would mean a destabilisation of the current economy.

Here is  Incorrect governmental nutritional guidance

This diet will make you fat and sick. And it's useless for diabetics!

There are several errors that are the reason for the obesity, diabetic, heart and cancer epidemics brought onto citizens by their governments.

Fat is essential in our diets. "Low fat" anything is a crime against the body.
We do not need carbohydrates.
We do not need dairy products.

So, if we ate right, we would put a lot of farmers and food manufacturers out of business.  That's why you will never hear it from the government.

Our plates should look like this -
and that looks like this -

And you don't have snack cravings, digestive troubles, high sugar levels, depression or obesity.

You DO have loads of energy and optimism - you feel GOOD!

Paleo eating is something those wondering how to improve the way they feel should try. You might become a convert like I am.