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Thursday, 30 January 2014

The mask of respectability

This is an interesting idea which I'm thinking about.

The idea is that Social Services, children's homes, young offenders institutions, the prison services, The Home Office is a vast industry. Each section makes a profit off the other.

I don't know much about any of these sections of "the industry" but I know that in the USA, prison services are private companies. I think some are in UK too.

The idea disquiets me. I am willing to believe it to be true. The comodity that is used to make the profit, are children.

Behind the mask of respectability, hide horrible undercurrents. We ask "How could society IN THOSE DAYS let that happen?" Here is a comprehensive link to The Monsters of Medomsley. 

The 27 suicides and missing children of the nineties in the young offenders care establishment are not explained - yet.

Behind our current respectability, we pretend nothing similar happens today. We add a lucrative section of psychologists now into "the industry"  (because we are respectable) yet the industry is still under fire.
 2012 - Care system 'fails young offenders', says report
2013 - Youth justice system is 'failing vulnerable young offenders'
2014 - the industry grows - 'Fortified school' planned to improve education of young offenders

The Standing Committee for Youth Justice is not a parliamentary committee but a membership body; it describes itself as "an alliance of over 30 organisations working together to improve the youth justice system in England and Wales".

Just wondering....