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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The money diet makes you feel so gooood! Like Paleo and vaping

I was working on a post that I was going to call "the Money Diet". My Paleo way of eating and exercising and vaping instead of smoking is very satisfying. It makes me happy and my health is excellent at the moment. I am perfect except for the tendancy towards a sugar reading on the cusp of being diabetic. I control my sugar to be normal by eating a high fat, low carb diet.

But my money diet is equally pleasing! I spend very little. I buy most of my clothes second hand, not because I am mean particularly, but I lower the rape of the earth in a small way by doing this. And real people get my money. We don't go out to eat much, because husband is a fantastic cook and "out" food is somehow disappointing, not memorable. Why waste money on second grade goods? If we do buy a big item, we go for good rather than price and avoid silly white goods insurance where in two years you could buy two new machines for the price of it instead. We have found wonderful good things on Freegle which is a system of giving away freely that which you no longer need. And we give too.

There is a most delicious delight in the feeling that you have aquired something valuable in exchange for your money rather than feeling let down by it. Its the same feeling I get when I do not eat the coffee and walnut cake covered with butter icing or smoked an analogue instead of vaping.

Vaping pleases me, not only because I enjoy it more than smoking tobacco, but because it is a really good experience for less money than smoking. I would assume it will be heavily taxed in the future when we are made into dispicable nicotine addicts by the really dispicable Tobacco Control Industry. That will be a shame.

So I was beavering away at this post, when I found this excellent post that follows. Please read and enjoy. If we went on a money diet we would end up with truly worthwhile lives.

The difference between being good with money and bad with money