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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My 2014 wish

This is 2014

My wish for this year. is that it will be the year of exposure and "inconvenient truths".

The year has started magnificently with Climate Scientists out to prove Global Warming stuck in thick ice in the Antarctic Summer. They have  made some successful observations including that  Mawson's hut was at the edge of open water, yet our Climate Scientists at the same place see sea-ice "as far as the eye can see". The penguins there (more than they expected) are dying because of the vast ice build up obviously in place for several years, making open water hard to get to. Listen here

As the Climate heats up, there will be more sea ice. The mass of ice is the fault of Global Warming it seems.

Is it?  Well OK if you say so. But to me it looks like an inconvenient truth!

Mawson's Terrible Journey is an interesting read about the difficulties of  science 100 years ago

I hope many "Experts" will be challenged in 2014. It could be a fun year if it happens!