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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Seaworld - Corporate Greed - one Corporation at a time.

I am taking 2014 as the starting point in MY life to assist in exposing that which is  untrue. Those things which ordinary people like me, have just accepted as the way things are done because OTHER people do them, or experts tell us how it should be done. I am not a conspiracy theorist - well, only a little, in that I believe where there's smoke, there's likely to be fire. So, everytime I see a little truth escape, it UPLIFTS me. Last year I promised not to constantly moan about life here, and the thing that makes me happiest, is to see I'm not the only one who does not simply accept they incarnated into such a strange planet, without trying to fix it. Other people don't like it either! Next life, I shall make other arrangements.

Today, I watched Black Fish. This link simply tells you how it was made.

but you can WATCH the movie in two parts HERE. Its worth the time. WARNING - You might not be the same person afterwards.