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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Paleo fat loading, Vaping and our health "experts"

We just came back from a birthday morning coffee bash where I vaped happily, comfortably, like I do at home.  I feel good about myself.  I feel good because I didn't have a piece of the coffee walnut cake covered with butter icing.  If you follow this blog you will know I practise the paleo eating habit.  Coffee walnut cake covered with butter icing is not on the list of things a caveman might have found somewhere. Several members of the family follow the same way of eating. They didn't have any either.  

The weirdest thing is that you feel so good in yourself, so well. that you don't want to screw that feeling up, not even for the momentary pleasure of rolling a mouthful of coffee walnut cake oozing with butter icing around in the mouth.  Or smoking an analogue - vapers will understand this good feeling.

Coffee walnut cake oozing with butter icing will shortly make the body weary and the brain dull.  And you can feel it doing it. The next day is hungover with coffee walnut cake oozing butter icing poisoning.  Some people reading this will think I'm exaggerating,. But those on paleo will know exactly what I am talking about.  

The main culprits in coffee walnut cake dripping with butter icing are the flour and the sugar and probably a few modern chemicals added to make it especially delicious to our jaded tongues.  Flour is poisonous.  Sugar is poisonous.  The chemicals we add to commercially produced foods are mostly poisonous.  The stuff that's been added to natural tobacco has made it poisonous too.

I sound like a zealot.  But I'm not.  I believe it is only a matter of time before more and more people will discover how food affects them from personal experience and they will also dump the coffee walnut cake oozing with butter icing because the poisoning from it isn't worth it.  The feeling of health and vibrancy you have when not poisoned is better.  The same will happen with smokers who move to vaping.

I fat load.  Paleo people will know what I mean.  I fat load because I am on the edge of being categorised as a type two diabetic. I am avoiding the clutches of the diabetic nurse who cannot understand how I keep my sugar normal by fat loading.  She is under the mistaken impression that fat is bad for you.  She was taught that by health experts who were taught that by more health experts who actually know jack shit.  

Many of our diseases are caused by our health experts.  The meat on sale in shops is a crime and butchers throw the fat away! The low fat industry should be abolished and people should eat proper food that has not been made unhealthy by anti fat idiots. I do not touch sugar or wheat - they have been altered by the food industry as tobacco has been. They have been made poisonous by US. And vaping should be welcomed by anti smoking experts - they have not felt the benefits us vapers feel.

Fat does not cause heart attacks,strokes, obesity, cholesterol or any of the other crimes it is accused of. I burn the fat that I eat as energy.  I don't need sugar.  I am seldom hungry. I eat very little. I seldom crave anything and I am not overweight.  If we ate fat as we once used to when fat was the most valuable treasure all sorts of other problems might melt away, like the obesity problem we are told about constantly.  Fortunately more and more people are becoming wise about how silly Public Health experts really are.

Two areas that prove it  without doubt is the false dietary information we are fed and the attitude to vaping electronic cigarettes as shown by the very bad legislation putrefying in the European Parliamentary heap.  

A rich fat diet would stop people eating so much because eating fat makes you feel satisfied and gives you energy and electronic cigarettes would reduce smoking. I believe that the "experts " who regulate how we should stay healthy by pontificating about fat and electronic cigarettes are doing us great harm. We can FEEL the difference in our bodies and that's how we know.

It's really simple.