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Friday, 10 January 2014

Pleasing me - Vaping, paleo eating and MY kind of excercise

I have felt really well since I switched to vaping in 2011. It really has suited me in every way - elegance, cleanliness, fun and has become an exciting hobby in my golden years. I have a lot of extra breath in me now. But I'm still a lazy so and so.

You might remember, I have blogged that I follow Paleo eating. I usually feel great unless I break it and then I can feel the dull and lethargic difference.

I hate exercise. I am happiest when I am sitting vaping and drinking coffee rich with double cream.

Paleo excercise seems as logical to me as Paleo eating.


"Paleo exercise should be fun and engaging. It should have a lot of variety so you don’t get bored or burnt out. It does not require going to gyms, running around tracks, or using elliptical machines. It does require you to get up off your butt and make a little effort though."

Move Around A Lot at a Slow Pace  - I do this naturally.
Avoid Chronic Cardio - Ditto
Lift Heavy Things - I've always done this because I'm too impatient to wait for help. Unless someone else is there, and then I would never dream of it!
Sprint Once in a While - Never, not since I came last in Baby School sports day.

 I walk the dog when I feel guilty though.

That should be enough.