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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Translucence rising - Promises, promises, promises

My wish or 2014 was to see wrongs exposed in our world. I wish for a year of translucence arising.

IF David Cameron gets in on the next election (which I think is highly unlikely), he PROMISES to have a referendum on EU membership for us here in the UK.

Promises, promises, promises! Promises are a kind of corruption. Especially when you use them as "bait" for votes. We should have had a referendum NOW if the man was really sincere.

Politicians are corrupt. Politics is corrupt. The political elite are corrupt. The EU is corrupt.

Corruption across EU 'breathtaking' - EU Commission

But 64% of British respondents said they believed corruption to be widespread in the UK, while the EU average was 74% on that question.

Originally, the report was also supposed to have included a chapter assessing corruption within EU institutions as well as within member states. But that idea was dropped.

The idea was dropped? I wonder why? I think the EU Institution is virtually totally corrupt. In fact, the shenanigans with electronic cigarettes has absolutely PROVED it to millions of us vapers. I will delight the day that is exposed too!

Until then, I don't think we believe promises any more.