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Monday, 1 October 2012

My pleasure

I haven't blogged about smoking, but today I'm recording a few thoughts and memories here.

I have always smoked. It has been one of the great pleasures of my life. I felt more and more threatened by how society was spoiling my pleasure. It's really all the fear-hype about passive smoking that's doing it. The thought that the simple act of smoking a cigarette ALONE in my own car might soon become illegal filled me with an almost unbelievable rage!

I feel threatened anyway by how changes in thought-fashion have spoiled many areas of my life, so much so, that, I sometimes feel I'm living in a strange and foreign place!

But back to smoking. As a young mother, with friends, I can say we all smoked. We smoked AND drank during our pregnancies. I can't remember any child being born that wasn't simply a 'normal' child. At feeding time, I lit up so I would stay awake and maybe my friends did too. I smoked throughout my children's childhood. None of my five children had/have asthma, allergies and such stuff and I don't think my friend's children had either.All the children in my world seemed to do OK in school and university too. I never knew anyone who had a 'cot death'. I can't say I know of any of those friends who have died - of anything - not even of anything 'fashionable' - we are all in our mid-sixties now. I smoked till a year ago - maybe they gave up, I'm not sure.

I refused to feel guilty about doing something that was once considered pretty normal because a bunch of other people have epidemiological studies that 'prove' passive smoking causes cot deaths, asthma and god know what else - every illness known to man it seems! My scientific mind knows that epidemiological studies are easy to bias - and that Big Pharma must be making a fortune.

My own experience of smoking does not feel as if we are actually living on the same planet - I have not met these victims of passive smoking!

But of course, that's just MY experience.

Now I vape. I love it. It is my great pleasure!