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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The cancerous age

What is WRONG with this strange planet?

Our Goddesses are women? with strange men-boy-women bodies, or girl-women-men, making themselves look as grotesque as possible, walking skeletons, celebrities with wooden, distorted faces, all "fixed" to look young - ha - and movies that are violence-pornography, where women? are as muscular, strong and as vicious as men?, copulating, cursing and drinking.

Every second word on porno-violence movies is "fuck". Comediennes and comics cannot seem to find any other adjective in the English language either!

Sex is confused with copulation - and you are "liberated" to feel free to copulate with anyone, at any time.

Pop music, has reduced to two notes - three at most, accompanied by a cacophonous confusion., 

The media bangs on about everything depressing - war, murder, accidents, suffering, illness and death.

And governments speak with forked tongues, desperately trying to "control" through legislation.

Our Gods are scientists who pontificate from a point of "proof through science", unable to see there is a problem with science - especially medical science, and who would be surprised if some sensible group, charged those who invent destructive technology with crimes against humanity.

We are drones, clones and automated fear machines functioning in a cancerous, cacophonous, plastic world.

What planet keeps their citizens in such a state?

Well, I wish it wasn't mine!