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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Section 5 Listen up!

I am not sure about other countries, but this one, that I live in, must be one of the weirdest. Here we can really make much ado about nothing - or much ado about what should be nothing.  We can derail careers, destroy lives, snare royals,and generally look like blithering  idiots.  Insults are against the law. How can we know if something is an insult? Well - just by the way it makes us FEEL!

It's our human right not to feel insulted.... or "take" offense (note - we do that TO ourselves) so the law protects us.

Feel insulted? What to do? Make a fuss! Tell the media! SUE!

All you have to do is affirm you felt insulted, or that you "took" offense. You can even feel insulted if the insult wasn't actually yours - but you felt insulted or offended FOR someone else.  It's easy!

But here is a really IMPORTANT thing to know - YOU MAY ONLY FEEL INSULTED BY SOMETHING THAT IS LEGAL TO FEEL INSULTED ABOUT.  Read the small print, Be politically correct. In the UK you may not take offense about anything concerning Gay People, Black People, Religion and many other "human rights" issues otherwise it will be turned against you and you might be investigated for being INCORRECT!

The mind boggles.

Fortunately some people are doing something about it. Listen up!

Rowan Atkinson's Speech for Reform Section 5

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