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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Scientised minds - shame on doctors!

This is a repeat post from a year ago...but it's WORTH repeating!

Doctors should wake up! My sister did the most amazing thing and her doctor simply shrugged it off as if it was not important. A year and a month ago, my sister was in excruciating pain from arthritus. The doctor's drugs were completely useless and life was utterly miserable.By happy accident - literally knocking a book off a shelf in Waterstones, a book that fell on her feet, her transformation began. On bending down, not easy when in pain, she picked up the book which was "Treating Arthritus the Drug free way" by Margaret Hills. She bought it.  It took the weekend to read and on the 1st September my sister started the diet.

Well - a year and one month later, the transformation is remarkable! Everyone notices her upbeat attitude, enthusiasm, vitality and new youthfulness. My sister is in her seventies. She turned her life around thanks to Margaret Hills. Other people have done so too - surely doctors should know about this?

But guess what? Yes - you can guess! Last week my sister arrives at the doctor's FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A YEAR (and a month) and the doctor is totally praising of how wonderful she looks and her physical health. So, emboldened by this, my sister tells her the story of Margaret Hills amazing diet. At this point, the doctor's eyes glaze over in complete disinterest  and she mutters "Oh, you probably feel better because you've lost some weight." Can you believe that?

Please do believe it - it's just another example of how our doctors have been brainwashed to believing in useless drugs, and a shocking indictment that they are not ALLOWED to be curious about real cures when they see one sitting opposite them in the surgery! After all the evidence is only anecdotal. But there are HUNDREDS of "anecdotes"! I find this very scary - the fact that doctors are dealing with us from a place of ignorance and closed scientised minds.  Shame on you all.