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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Making us crazy

I found this article from the Keunsel Newspaper, Bhutan's daily News. They are having a problem with rising Mental Health issues as they 'modernise'

Currently, our own amazing statistics are that 1 in every 200 people suffer some kind of psychotic interlude in a lifetime. And that's just psychosis. Mental Health issues will increase 15% by 2020 according to WHO, so it seems to me, we need to remove the stigma from 'going crackers' because by 2020, many of our friends, and lots of us will have done it too!

It's harder and harder to separate truth from lies. Conspiracy abounds. The media, politicians and Governments offer us a reality, fixed, altered or cosmeticised. We are told what to think, how to behave, what to eat, how to bring up our children, how much to exercise, and what we should know - and even what to 'believe'. We are tracked by street cams, medical records,school records, college and university records. And now the Internet tracks our tastes and hobbies! It's enough to make anyone crazy.