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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Believe your own stuff

Fundamentalists in any form make me uneasy. Not only do I g et a feeling I'm dealing with someone who's a bit mentally unstable, but the ARROGANCE of being RIGHT is scary. I am using the term fundamentalist as a critical label.

Here's the Wikipedia definition "Fundamentalism is often used as a pejorative term, particularly when combined with other epithets (as in the phrase "Muslim fundamentalists" and "right-wing/left-wing fundamentalists"). Richard Dawkins has used the term to characterize religious advocates as clinging to a stubborn, entrenched position that defies reasoned argument or contradictory evidence.Others in turn, such as Christian theologian Alister McGrath, have used the term fundamentalism to characterize atheism as dogmatic."
Funny they mention Richard Dawkins. To me, Dawkins is just as 'fundamentalist' as those he criticises. You catch the glimpse of that same scary passion that makes you uneasy. Yet, when he keeps away from 'belief' meddling, he's just the most wonderful speaker!

The thing about 'belief' is that it's just 'belief'. Beliefs are patterns we weave about ourselves or about others because that's the way WE understand stuff. We can assume things will work out in our own personal understanding of our lives if we use the patterns we have woven. It is possible to know the difference between knowledge and belief and keep them separate, but use them together. Belief is a personal survival tool.

Fortunately, I have never got tangled up in any dogma, creed or religion - I have always seen the trap. Yet I believe a lot of things that haven't been 'proven' by science. I believe in the healing power of touch, of love. I believe I have the choice to think positively, or be a victim. I believe that the idea that science knows everything - or ever will - is not true.

I believe consciousness is vast and can be explored - and has been for thousands of years. I believe Homo Sapiens Sapiens is not simply an animal, but has 'added value'.

I believe the Universe is a living creature. I believe we have lost touch with it.

I believe that 'science' is becoming the new Religion. I believe the terrifying technological weapons created by science at work is doing as much harm to the world as any other religion ever did before it.

I believe the good will outweigh the evil in as much measure as any previous religion.

I think everyone should be allowed to believe what helps them survive sanely - and HAPPILY.

I think we should avoid fundamentalists, meddling, and confidently believe our own stuff.